Western Leather Browband - Turquoise Studs


Our Western Leather Browbands  are hand crafted out of quality US bridle leather. (Wickett & Craig of America). Crafted by some of USA's finest American leather workers.  

Turquoise come in two sizes: Small  (7 mm) or Large (10 mm)

 photo turq3bands.jpg

   Choose from three different bling styles:

Large Studs, Small Studs or Small Studs  with one Large Stud in the center.

Available Browband colors:

 photo westcolorssample.jpg

Black * Brown * Natural

Browband sizes:

Small 15" - Medium 16" - Large 17" 

Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle Bling Browbands are  'Special Order' products. 

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, 




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