Bling Beta Browband - Antiqued Studs


Each antiqued stud is etched with a beautiful pattern and measures 10 mm. The browband is made from Genuine BioThane USA.. Beta is a leather-like synthetic composed of a nylon core with a vinyl coating. It is impervious to dirt and sweat,  The material stays supple in freezing weather and doesn't dry out or get brittle with age. It has a slightly grainy surface and low-sheen surface, which gives it a leather-like appearance. 

 photo da2872ee-f45b-4283-bca1-3a5a3e873565.jpg

Colors: (Left to Right) Blue, Purple, Red, Bubblegum Pink, White, Teal, Saftey Orange, Turquoise, Yellow, Lime Green, Brown, Chestnut and Black. (NoteActual colors may appear slightly different depending on your monitor settings.

Available Browband sizes:

Small 15" - Medium 16" - Large 17" 

Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle Bling Browbands are  'Special Order' products. 

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery, 




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