Padded English Leather Headstall


Our top-of-the-line headstall. Includes a soft leather padding under the browband and noseband making them softer on your horse's face. Hand crafted out of the finest English Leather there is; Segwicks of England's English Bridle Leather. Beautiful raised leather with a "polished" look. Top-quality workmanship and beautifully executed.The noseband and browband on the padded headstalls are  slighty wider than on the Standard English Leather headstalls.   Available in black, hazlenut and havana brown.

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There is plenty of adjustment in Dr. Cook Bitless Bridles, however if you would like to be certain your bridle will fit correctly (proper fit is important) we suggest you measure and use the sizing chart.

How To Measure

Noseband: Measure 1 1/2 " to 2" up from the corner of the horse's mouth. From that point, measure the circumference of the horse's nose.

Headstall:  From the same point (1 1/2 " -  2" up from the corner of the horse's mouth),  run your tape measure to the very top of the poll (to the point right between the ears) and double that measurement number. This will determine the size headstall your horse needs.

English Leather Headstall Noseband
Cob 33"-43"
(84 cm - 109 cm)
(48 cm - 56 cm)
Full 37"- 46"
(94 cm - 117 cm)
(53 cm - 58 cm)
Extra Full 42"-50"
(107 cm - 127 cm)
(56 cm - 64 cm)


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