Beta Reins

Starting at: $25.95

Beta reins are made of the same material as our Beta bridles, Genuine BioThane USA.  (See beta headstall for detailed description of the material) They are a split rein with the option to tie them together with a small  rawhide string, and buckle on to the bridle at the ends of the crossunder  straps. Beta reins are 5/8 inches wide and 54 inches long. We offer them in Standard and Flat Super Grip. 

                          Our Standard Beta Reins

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All styles of  beta reins are available in Black, Brown and Chestnut .


Flat Super Grip Beta Reins

If you are looking for a strong grip, we offer Flat Super Grip Reins. These reins are made of a new 'grippy' beta material. They are a good choice if you want a very secure hold on your reins. 

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