Lunging Strap


An inexpensive, high quality add-on that makes it easy to lunge your horse with the Bitless Bridle, it can be used for lunging, tying, leading and converting The Bitless Bridle into a halter.

Works nicely for handlers that want control of the horse from the ground yet still allow the rider to have the reins in their hand.

To convert the BitlessBridle into a halter: Remove the reins. Gather the O ring on the end of the crossunder strap that is hanging on the opposite side. Bring it under the chin and include this ring when clipping the lunging strap onto noseband O ring. You will have both O rings contained in the clip. Do this for each side. Hook your lead under the chin.

For Lunging with reins removed: Follow the instructions to convert the BitlessBridle into a halter and clip your lunge line under the chin.

For lunging with reins attached to a saddle or surcingle:  Simply attach the lunging strap to the O rings on the noseband and clip your lunge line under the chin.

Made in the USA of quality nylon and heavy duty stainless steel hardware.

Available in Black or Brown. 

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