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The videos below were submitted to us by our customers.  If you have a video of someone using the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle that you would like to post, contact our office at (866) 235-0938 or email us at

If you already have a video posted on YouTube, tell us about it and we will add it to the collection here.


Helen Cheney and her mare Violet demonstrating some versatility in the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle 

Boomerang competes in the Extreme Cowboy Race in a Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle

Chesapeake Boomerang is a 2003 registered Chincoteague Pony that is owned and trained by Kyley DiLuigi.
I used clicker training to get Boomerang ready for Craig Cameron's Extreme Cowboy Race held at the Horse World Expo in Feb 2011. Many people were skeptical that we could master western rollbacks, flying lead changes, sidepassing, and more without the aide of a bit in a time frame of 6 weeks. But we proved everyone wrong, because you can do anything (except hurt your horse's mouth) in a Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle that you can do with a bit!

Cowboy Mounted Shooting in the Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle: Cathie Hatrick Anderson on her horse Ruger.

Teaching your horse to flex at the poll in Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle: An instructional video from Cathie Hatrick-Anderson, a certified Bitless Bridle Instructor based in Upton, Massachusetts.

Fitting: Cathie Hatrick-Anderson presents a short video on how to fit the Dr. Cook BitlessBridle to your horse.

A video of Nuria riding her Missouri Foxtrotter, Ssippi: The first time in the Bitless Bridle. Nuria says this horse would never gallop with a bit.

Long Reining: Gil and Pete showing how to long-rein in The Bitless Bridle

Dressage in a Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle: 7 year old PRE Andalusian mare, Bryssa, is ridden by a 65 year old amateur in the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle and they both love it! The mare is willing and easy to ride, and goes off the seat and leg aids instead of fussing with a bit. She is ridden in a snaffle for competition, but we're looking forward to the day when the bitless is approved for dressage shows.

Versatile Horse and Rider competitionCathie Hatrick Anderson competing at the Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA.

 What can you do in a Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle? Pretty much anything you want! Here we have Cathie Hatrick Anderson and her quarter horse, Ruger, competing in the Versatile Horse and Rider competition at the Equine Affaire in Springfield, MA on November 11, 2011.

Cathie and Ruger took 11th out of 30 competitors, which is pretty darn good considering her horse was only 5 years old, half the age of most of the other more experienced horses.  Well done, Cathie and Ruger!
Cathie is a certified Bitless Bridle Instructor, based in Upton, Massachusetts.  Check out her web page at www.bobcat

Eventing Ring Work: A ten-minute video of 3-day eventer Matthias Schwarz working in the ring on Alpine, owned by Elena Flyer. Alpine is being ridden in The Bitless Bridle.

Note how totally relaxed the horse is on the jumps.

Eventing - Sarah Getchell on Bantry Bay: Two video clips of an eventing competition at Moraven Park, where Sarah took tenth place overall. Clips of the cross-country and showjumping competitions are shown.

Cross Country

Show Jumping

Lesson Horses - Hidden Farm: Riders of various levels using the Bitless Bridle at Hidden Farm in upstate New York. For more information about Hidden Farms, contact Susan at (607) 625-5145.


Beautiful Icelandic Horses

Jennifer does a couple of dressage routines on Pacemaker.

First run:

Second run:

Team Penning - Kathy and Keirstyn: Both youngsters had never seen cows, and it was only their 11th time under saddle ever.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting:  Cathie Hatrick Anderson takes Ruger out for some Cowboy Mounted Shooting, in The Bitless Bridle, of course.

Red goes bitless for the first timeRED (our Rocky Mountain 3 year old Gelding) trying the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle for the first time. AMAZING.... he was much calmer, turned, stopped, did everything he should do in a bit.... but 1000 times better. He was relaxed, ears forward, head high.... He will never have metal in his mouth again!!! Thanks Dr Cook!

Ski-joring with Bapsford:Crosscountry skiing plus The Bitless Bridle.  


Shady Hills Farms Circus: A short video of children participating in a horseback "circus." All the horses are being ridden in The Bitless Bridle and are barefoot.

Barrel Racing - Amy Rooney on Velvet, barrel racing in Dr Cook's Bitless Bridle.

Cathie Hatrick Anderson training Ruger: Cathie Hatrick Anderson training her horse, Ruger. Flags, plastic swimming pools, dogs, guns - does anything bother this horse? Ruger is wearing the ultimate in equine style, a Bitless Bridle by Dr. Cook.

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