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The links below provide photos of happy horses 'sporting'  their Dr. Cook Bitless Bridles.   Enjoy these photos of the bridle in use in various diciplines.

If you would like us to add your  photos and/or share your story, please submit your comments and pictures to info@bitless  You can also post your photo on our company. Facebook Page

Shared Stories and Photos

Lil Kay takes first place in her Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle!

Caroline and Sophie - Endurance Competition in CA

Michele and Sparky on a bitless ride   

Officer McDonald and Duke of the Lancaster PA Mounted Police Unit

Jackie and her best friend, Gus.

Barrel Racing - Lynn Kuennen

Show Jumping in The Bitless Bridle (Italy)

Dr Cook Bitless Bridle user photos

Chantel Turvey - Tommie Turvey Show

Lynn Kuennen and Baby

Blue Jay's Story - From Zelda in Kuwait

Kya and Cherokee

Domenica and her Stallion Dressage training in Germany

Lancaster PA Bureau of Police Mounted Unit

A Dr. Cook Bitless Bridle Line Up

Linda Karen in Icland - Stilling with the BB

Zelda In Kuwait!

Funraiser Clinic held by Carlos Tabernaberri

Bitless Clinic in Port Townsend WA

Renni and Gold Man Jumping

Trainer Carlos Tabernaberri

Sister Laura in Italy

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson wins Cow vs Cowboys event

A young rider enjoying her 'bitless' mount

A young Bitless Pioneer

Trace and Revo

10 Years Bitless - Teresa Turner

Rafael Valle and Ivory Pal

Lissy Seidel does Team Chasing - Bitless!

Cathie Hatrick-Anderson wins first place- Versatility Challenge

Riding to the Top Therapeutic Riding Center

Ivory Pal greets veterans - Veteran's Day

Jordan and Jethro

Yogi's Team Chasing Debute for Breast Cancer

The lovley Bitless Isabella

Bitless wins in German Grand Prix!

Logos Hall and Mouse- Endurance News Magazine

Blind Rescue Goes Bitless


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