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Joe Camp's Soul of a Horse
promoting bitless, barefoot and other Natural Horsemanship issues

Bobcat Farm
website for Cathie Hatrick-Anderson, authorized Bitless Bridle Instructor, located in Upton, Massachusetts.

Carlos Tabernaberri and Whispering Acres
Australian-based trainer emphasizing cooperative relationships between horse and rider. Described as the "next generation of horsemen" and the "gentlest horseman" yet to touch a horse, Carlos Tabernaberri rejects the use of bits in favor of developing understanding and pain-free communication. His practical physical, emotional and mental techniques have achieved remarkable results with horses and riders, regardless of discipline, helping hundreds of people around the world to develop extraordinary partnerships with their horses.

Katariina Alongi's Equine Insanity Blog

Claudia Garner Webinars and
websites promoting barefoot hoof care.  Online webinars offered periodically.

Dan Sumerel and The Sumerel Training System
Dan Sumerel is a Bitless Bridle Instructor whose focus is on educating people about horses. His book "Finding the Magic" and DVD "Less is More" teach you how to understand your horse so that you can achieve the best life possible for your equine partner.

Markus Eschbach
Horse trainer for bitless riding and horsemanship, located in Spain and Switzerland.

Natural Horse Care
A website devoted to giving horses the best in natural, pain-free care.

Dr. Hiltrud Strasser
Leading the movement towards barefoot horsemanship.

European Institute for Equine Physiology (France)

European Institute for Equine Physiology (Germany)

Equine Behavior website for Donald U Newe, reknowned Horse Gentler and Bitless Bridle Instructor in France.

The Horse's Hoof natural and barefoot horsemanship.

Nevzorov Haute-Ecole
A truly amazing website dedicated to bridle-less horsemanship, with a nod to Dr. Cook and the Bitless Bridle for those of us who feel the need to use a bridle.

Natural Horse Trim natural and barefoot horsemanship.

The Whole Hoof
Erica is a former Bitless Bridle Associate Clinician, and continues to promote The Bitless Bridle as an important part of establishing a "naturally-kept" horse.

Erica Lynall
address: Timsbury, Bath
telephone 01761 472330 (please leave message if no answer)

Inspiration Farm
Ron Levesque is an advocate of the BitlessBridle and owner/operator of Inspiration Farm.  His training program, "Seeing Through the Eyes of the Horse" helps the rider better understand the horse's perspective, thereby gaining insight which leads to improved communication.

Swedish Hoof School
Articles, case studies and clinics on how environment, feeding, digestion and hoof care affects the function of the hoof and the wellbeing of the horse.  Just as important for shod and barefoot horses.

Equine Affaire
The USA's Premiere Equine Exposition & Equestrian Gathering.

Teeny Bitless Bridles: Nan's Model Tack has the smallest Bitless Bridle we've ever seen. Made for Breyer model horses, it is an accurate miniaturization of The Bitless Bridle by Dr. Robert Cook.  Check it out at

Stone Hill Ranch
A center for natural horsemanship in Saarbrucken, Germany, promoting bitless, barefoot, non-violent horsemanship.

Academia Liberti
Dedicated to help people to think about the place of the horse in our world and to recognize themselves and the reasons which bring them to use the horse in ethically incorrect ways.

Horsemanship From The Heart
Kimberlee Strauss is an authorized Bitless Bridle Representative based in New York.  Kim's focus is to build harmony between horse and human without the use of force, punishment or domination.

Patrick Kaye and FreeForm Riding
Patrick Kaye is an instructor in South Africa teaching a language-based method of interaction with the horse that he says can result in bridle-less riding in as little as 3 to 5 hours.

Helga Greeve - Belgian Bitless Dressage Helga Greeve, Bitless Bridle Instructor - Dressage
Buitenland 72
2880 Bornem

phone:0032 495 21 34 81



Bitless riding instruction and bridle sales on the North Coast of NSW, Australia. Assisting people to transition to a bitless bridle and improving riding skills while riding bitless. Suzy Maloney, B.Eq.Sc. EA NCAS Riding Instructor.

Phone: 0401 249 263  



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