The CHA Experiment

In October, 2008, at the Certified Horsemanship Association's International Conference, Dr. Cook conducted a unique experiment. It demonstrated that the performance of four horses immediately and significantly improved, within four minutes, when their jointed snaffle bridle was replaced with a crossunder bitless bridle. Four riding school horses that were being ridden in a crossunder bitless bridle for the very first time, completed two four-minute exercise tests, first in a snaffle bridle, then in the BitlessBridle. The entire experiment (in better quality video) is available on DVD. Contact our Customer Service department for more information (866.235.0938)

Reference: Cook, W.R and Mills, D.S "Preliminary study of Jointed Snaffle Bridle vs. Crossunder Bitless Bridle: A quantified comparison of behaviour in 4 horses." Equine Veterinary Journal. In Press, November 2009.


First Horse, part 1 (bitted):

First Horse, part 2 (bitless):

Second Horse:

Third Horse, part 1 (bitted):

Third Horse, part 2 (bitless):

Fourth Horse:


Final Results and Questions, part 1:


Final Results and Questions, part 2:







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