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The Abusive Effects Of Bitted Bridles

By W. Robert Cook, FRCVS,PhD & Hiltrud Strasser, Dr. Med.Vet.,PhD

In co-authorship with Dr. Strasser, of barefoot fame, Dr. Cook published a book in November 2003. Robert Cook, FRCVS., PhD., Professor of Surgery Emeritus of Tufts University, Massachusetts, is a veterinarian who, for most of his career since graduating from the Royal Veterinary College, London, in 1952, has been a faculty member of clinical departments at schools of veterinary medicine in the UK and USA.

This spiral bound book is a wealth of information.  The bit is the cause of over 100 harmful effects. First and foremost, a bit is painful and it frightens a horse. It makes it difficult for a horse to be happy in its work and for a rider to achieve that harmony so essential to a partnership. It also makes it difficult for a horse to breathe, stride, perform, and stay healthy.

The book explains this in layman's language and shows why The Bitless Bridle makes riding simpler, safer, and more satisfying. Includes photos & color illustrations. 144 pages.


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